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Von Achenbach


The name ACHENBACH exists both as a surname and as the name of a town. In the year 1515 the town of ACHENBACH is mentioned both as a part of Siegen, Westphalia, Hessen, Germany, and as part of the group of villages known as Biedenkopfals in the former province of Hessen, Nassau, Germany.

In 2007 there are two places in Germany called ACHENBACH. Near Siegen exists a little valley, the rivulet in this dale is called ACHENBACH, and the farm nearby also ACHENBACH. The owners of this farm in the "middle ages", german nobles, were called "Von Achenbach", and the inhabitants of this farm, the landholders and farmers, were called Achenbach regardless of what their true surname may have been. And, as some of these people eventually moved into other nearby towns, they maintained the Achenbach name and even though unrelated are given credit for the start (or continuation) of true Achenbach bloodlines.

As of this writing Sir Johann Heinrich von Achenbach in the year 1234 is the first Achenbach recorded wherein he appears as a protocall witness in a land transaction.

On 14 Feb 1300 Sir Godbert von Achenbach is in court as an inheritor in an estate settlement.

After that, the name Gyso von Achenbach appears on a document in 1307. Next to Henrich Graf von Nassau and Count Graf von Wedechensteyn another Siegerlander, Gyso
von Achenbach is a witness in the renunciation of the Knight Denhard von Hundem.

In Kries Wittgenstein on 8 September 1332, court action concerning brothers Volbracht and Johann von Selbach
lists witnesses Siegfried von Wittgenstein, Heinrich von
Hohenvels, Druitwin von Durenbach, and Arnolt von Achenbach.

Brun von Achenbach:(1337)
On Monday before the Valentinstag, Friedrich Waldbote von Waldsmannhausen transfers a "fief" to both Otto von Nassau and to Brun von Achenbach.

Dietrich von Achenbach (1340)
Due to his efforts and achievements in the Sassmannshausen area of Wittgenstein, Dietrich is deemed to be the forefather of "spatter" living method.

Symon von Achenbach (1342)
Symon and wife Frau Lucard on 11 January 1342 proceed
with a transfer of property either to or from Knight Johann von Brunisberg.

Dyderich von Achenbach (1351)

Rorich (Roderich) von Achenbach (1361)

Hepe von Achenbach (1364)

Godebracht, Wilhelm, and Gyse von Achenbach affixed
a seal, with a "Wolfsangel" (a kind of wolf trap that looks almost like a seven with a hook at thebottom) standing vertical, accompanied by two roses, to a contract on 13 October 1365. In this contract they renounce the Heimbach estate (or manor) and confirm their father's sale.

Godebracht von Achenbach and Frau Else, Dyderich von Achenbach, Syfried von Achenbach and Frau Katharina Knupstail.

Mechtel von Achenbach (1419)

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