Friday, April 2, 2010

Winebarger Side

This is exhuasting, I seem to have forgotten.

My Winebarger line goes something like this:

My grandma: Linda Kay Winebarger -b.OR
Parents: Francis Louise Briggs -b.OR d. WA
Marion Crete Winebarger -b. OR d. WA

Marion's Parents: Mary Ethel Williams -b.OR d. OR
Crete Winebarger -b.NC d. ID

Crete's Parents: Caldonia Osborn -b. NC d. OR
Arthur Webster Winebarger -b.NC d. OR

Arthur's Parents: Sarah "Sallie" Norris -b.NC d. NC
Hiram Winebarger -b.NC d. NC

Hiram's Parents: Nellie Oxford -b. NC d. NC
John Winebarger -b. NC d. NC

I will add dates and other facts later.

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