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Agnes De Legh

Full history on the Lees/ Leghs.

The Leigh Family of West Hall

D. & S. Lysons in Magna Britannia, give details of the relationship of several branches of the Legh and Leigh families and the notes below shown are simplified from this source. The Leighs of West Hall arrived in High Legh about 70 years after the Leghs of East Hall.

"Egerton Leigh of West Hall in High Legh and Twemlow, Esq. is descended from Richard Lymme who in the late 13th century married Agnes the daughter and sole heiress of Richard de Legh. Agnes had a second husband, William Venables, and they had a son, John, who (also) took the name of Legh and settled at Booths. William Venables was descended from Gilbert Venables the first baron of Kinderton who held land in Cheshire under Hugh Lupus after the Norman Conquest."

John Legh was the common ancestor of the following branches of the Legh family of which the first seven were in Cheshire.

1. Legh of Sandbach, who became extinct after two generations.
2. Legh of Booths, of whom Willoughby Legh was the representative in 1810 with the Leighs of West Hall also as descendants of this branch.
3. Leigh of Oughtrington, who are descended from John, a younger son of Richard Leigh of West Hall as a result of his marriage to an heiress in the reign of Edward IV. Trafford Trafford, Esq. of Oughtrington was the lineal descendant of this branch but assumed the name Trafford in compliance with the will of a maternal uncle.
4. Legh of Adlington, who became extinct by the death of Charles Legh in 1781 were descended from Robert, a younger son of the first John Legh of Booths.
5. Legh of Baguely were descended from Sir William Legh, a younger son of the second Sir John Legh of Booths but became extinct in 1688.
6. Legh of Lyme were descended from Piers, a younger son of Robert Legh of Adlington mentioned above, and became extinct by the death of Thomas Peter Legh of Lyme in 1797. (He was succeeded at Lyme by his eldest illegitimate son, Thomas (1792-1857) who had no male heirs. In 1857, the estate went to Thomas Legh's nephew, William John, the son of Thomas Peter Legh's second illegitimate son, William. William John Legh became the 1st Lord Newton.)
7. Legh of Ridge arise from John a younger son of Sir Peter Legh of Lyme, who married the heiress of Alcock of Ridge.
8. Leigh of Ifell in Cumberland, extinct from about 1600
9. Leigh of Middleton in Yorkshire.
10. Leigh of Egginton in Derbyshire, Rinshall in Staffordshire, Stoneley in Warwickshire and Addlestrop in Gloucestershire all derive their descent from a younger son of the first Legh of Ridge.

Ormerod shows the Leigh family of West Hall descending from Thomas de Legh, who died in 10 Edw. II (1317). The male heirs married into the Massy family of Winsham, the Leicesters of Nether Tabley, the Booths of Dunham Massy and the Davenports of Davenport. Below I trace the family from the late 17th century by which time the family name was written as Leigh. Several members of the family were clergy with connections to Lymm in Cheshire. Some had multiple livings which they had to handle by employing curates. The first Egerton Leigh married three times and had a total of 11 sons and 7 daughters. The following tree is simplified from the pedigrees shown in the histories of Ormerod and the Lysons.

1. Thomas Leigh, buried Rostherne, 22 June 1676. He married in 1660.
+ Mary, daughter of William Austine of the City of Westminster. She was buried at Rostherne on 15 June 1714.
2. Austin Leigh, died unmarried, buried Rostherne 30 July 1724.
2. Peter Leigh, Rector of Whitchurch in Shropshire and Lymme, vicar of Great Budworth, buried Rostherne, 18 March 1719.
+ Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Egerton of Tatton, born 15 January 1678, died 30 June 1720, buried Rostherne. This couple had four sons and five daughters. This tree follows mainly the line of the eldest son, Egerton Leigh.
3. Egerton Leigh, LL.D, Rector of Lymme in Cheshire and Middle in Shropshire, canon of Hereford, baptised Rostherne, 30 March 1702, died at bath. He married three times.
+ Ann, (first wife), daughter and co-heiress of Hamlet Yates of Crowley. She was buried at Rostherne on 26 April 1734. The couple had four sons and three daughters.
4. Peter Leigh, LL.B, Rector of Lymme, and of Middle in Shropshire, died 1758 and buried at Ledbury in Shropshire.
+ Mary, daughter and heiress of Henry Doughty, Esq. of Broadwell, Gloucestershire. They had 5 sons and three daughters.
5. Peter Leigh, eldest son, died young, buried Rostherne 6 December 1750.
5. Egerton Leigh of West Hall in High Legh and of Twemlow, 2nd son and heir, was baptised at Lymme and died 23 June 1833.
+ Elizabeth, daughter and co-heiress of Francis Jodrell of Yeardsley and Twemlow, married at Rostherne on 21 September 1778. She died 18 March 1807. They had three sons, Egerton, Peter and Jodrell, shown below, and six daughters.
6. Egerton Leigh of West Hall, High Legh, and Broadwell, Gloucestershire, eldest son and heir, was born 23 August 1779 and baptised at Davenport in Cheshire. He was High Sheriff in 1836 and died 6 October 1865.
+ Wilhelmina, daughter of Geo. Stratton, Esq. of Tew Park, Oxfordshire. They married at Charlbury in Oxfordshire on 20 November 1809. She died 24 November 1849. The couple had 1 son, Egerton, and six daughters, viz. Eleanor, born 1811; Anna Elizabeth, born 1812; Beatrice Julia; Caroline; Emma, who died in infancy; and Augusta.
7. Egerton Leigh of West Hall in High Legh and Jodrell Hall, born 7 March 1815. MP, Captain of the Queen's Bays and Lieu. Col. 1st Cheshire Militia, High Sheriff 1872.
+ Lydia Rachel, daughter and co-heiress of John Smith Wright, Esq. of Balcote Lodge, Notts., married at St. George's Hanover Square, 20 Sept. 1842. They had five sons, the eldest being Egerton born 13 July 1843, and a daughter.
6. Peter Leigh, clerk, Rector of Lymme, born 19 August 1782, baptised at Goostrey on 25 October 1782, married at Daresbury 10 November 1812 to Mary, dau. of Thomas Blackburn LL.D, clerk, warden of Manchester College, living without issue in 1816. He married secondly Miss Stuart and died without issue at Torquay on 10 March 1841.
6. Jodrell Leigh, became an admiral RN, born 15 January 1790, baptised Goostrey, 27 February 1790. He inherited Broadwell Manor House and died without issue at the West Hall 27 October 1863.
6. Mary-Anne Leigh, born 28 July 1780, wife of Hon. James Abercrombie, MP, speaker of the House of Commons and later Lord Dunfermaline. They had only one child, a son, who died without issue. Mary-Anne died in 1873.
6. Charlotte Leigh, wife of Joseph Jellicoe of London and Finchley. She died in 1823.
6. Emma Leigh, wife of John Smith, Esq., MP of Blinden Hall in Kent.
6. Augusta Leigh, wife of J. Dumbleton, Esq., of Hall Grove, died without issue in 1851.
6. Caroline Leigh, died unmarried.
6. Harriet Leigh, died unmarried and buried Rostherne, 31 August 1809.
5. Thomas Hodges Leigh, died young buried at Rostherne on 16 September 1757.
5. Peter Neve Leigh, died young and buried at Broadwell in Gloucestershire.
5. Timothy Leigh, died unmarried in the East Indies.
5. Mary Leigh, married Robert Lancaster, clerk of Arlsey in Bedfordshire.
5. Anne Leigh, married John Frodsham, captain RN.
5. Elizabeth, living but unmarried in 1816.
4. Egerton Leigh, MA, rector of Lymme, canon res in 1770 and in 1797 chancellor of Lichfield and in 1770 archdeacon of Shropshire.
+ 1st Letitia, daughter of Geo. Legh of East Hall, who died without surviving issue.
+ 2nd Theodosia, daughter of Ralph Leycester of Toft, by whom he had issue, Susanna, who married another Ralph Leycester of Toft; Theodosia, living unmarried in 1816; Harriet who died without issue; and other chidren who died in infancy.
4. Of the remaining children of Egerton Leigh and Ann Yates, Thomas and Hamlet died without issue, Ann married twice and Mary and Elizabeth died unmarried.
+ 2nd wife of Egerton Leigh, LL.D was Elizabeth Drinkwater . She had six sons John, William, Austin, Samuel, George, and William and two daughters, Hester and Jane. All of whom died without legitimate issue.
+ 3rd wife of Egerton Leigh, LL.D was Casandra Phelps. She had one son, Henry, who died without issue, and three daughters, of whom Cassandra and Catherine died without issue and Ariana was unmarried in 1816. .
3. Thomas Leigh, clerk MA, Rector of Murston in Kent and of St. Mary's in Canterbury, bapt. Rostherne 9 March 1706 and married Jane, dau. of Wm. Barnes of Oxford and widow of Tho. Allett, Esq.
3. Peter Leigh, baptised Whitchurch, 18 January 1711, Chief Justice of South Carolina. Married Elizabeth, dau. of W. Latus of Manchester by whom he had among other issue, Egerton Leigh, who was created a baronet in 1773.
3. John Leigh of Manchester, Middle Hutton and Hurst near Ashton-under-Lyne, baptised Rostherne, 12 September 1703. Married Silence Wagstaffe at Stretford 31 December 1730 and died Hurst, 19 December 1738, buried in Collegiate Church at Manchester.
+ Silence, dau. of John Wagstaffe of Glossop in Derbyshire and Manchester and Stretford in Lancashire. She was baptised at the Collegiate Church in Manchester on 26 December 1714. This couple had three sons, John, Peter and Egerton, shown below and three daughters, Bertha, Mary and Elizabeth. Silence married second to Robert Thyer, librarian to Chetham's Library, on 9 December 1741 and died in 1750.
4. John Leigh of Manchester, manufacturing chemist, born 31 March 1734, married at the Collegiate Church 17 May 1772 and buried there on 23 July 1797 aged 63.
+ Lydia Kay of Salford, buried at Collegiate Church in Manchester on 15 May 1806 aged 72. This couple had four sons, Thomas and James died in childhood, John who lived to be 24 and Thomas who left issue. There was also a daughter Lydia who married and left issue.
4. Peter Leigh, born 12 February 1733, died aged 20 and buried at the Collegiate Church in Manchester.
4. Egerton Leigh, born 1 August 1738, buried aged 2 at the Collegiate Church Manchester on 22 August 1740.
3. Hester Leigh, baptised Rostherne, 16 July 1699, buried there on 30 April 1700.
3. Elizabeth Leigh, baptised Rostherne, 6 February 1704, buried there on 10 February 1704.
3. Jane Leigh, baptised Rostherne 20 July 1708.
3. Hester Leigh, baptised Whitchurch, 3 August 1710.
3. Mary Leigh, baptised at Whitchurch, 1713, wife of Sir John Head, Bart., archdeacon of Canterbury.
2. William Leigh, died 1741, married first Mary Whalley, died without issue, then Sarah the daughter of Roger Hanmer.

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