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Birkenbuels Religion...


Thanks for the heads up. I have chatted with Ray Wagner many times via
email and have shared information. I do have his book and I have the Berkey
book, along with several other Berkeybile and Purkeypile books. I agree
both are great starting points and have a great wealth of information. Some
provide more documentation than others, as is the case with genealogy. It's
a learning process.

I believe the possibility exists that some if not all of the Berkey's which
emanated from the Somerset and Cambria region in the late 1700's and early
1800's are related to the Berkebile line by more than just marriage. I have
seen references, although I can;t put my finger on it at the moment, to a
Peter Berkey possibly being in the lineage as either Wilhelm's son or his
grandson via Jacob. He could also be on Andrew's line, Wilhelm's brother.

I am aware of the Wilhelm the Quaker reference. I have been downplaying the
reference, because I have yet to see one shred of documentation that shows
how this nickname was equated to him. Andreas Bergenboyle (his father) is
listed as being a Baptist in Maryland in some land warrant, I believe. I
know that my lineage has the line being German Baptist Brethren (latter to
be known as the Church of the Brethren). I have seen reference to a Wilhelm
Berk or Burk or Berg who moved from possibly New Jersey who was a Moravian
Brethren. The Moravian Brethren were Pacifists. They were accredited with
the hospital work at Ephrata and in Bethlehem in the Revolutionary war. If
this is the same person, then it may make sense why they would refer to him
as a Quaker (they being Pacifists as well). I know that cousins,
specifically Anthony Perkenpile served in the Revolution, he is the son of
Andreas brother Christian. I believe there are others but have not been
able to complete my analysis. I have had to put my genealogy down for a
period to accomplish other life tasks.

I have been trying to bring the various lines of the Berkebile together.
There are Andreas researchers, Christian researchers, Gerhard and Jacob
researchers. The four brothers that immigrated prior to the revolution. So
far no one has pulled the different lines of these together in a
comprehensive volume that is well documented for future generations. It is
difficult as you know when someone references an item in a published volume
and gives no clue where the detail came from.

In any event, I do believe a great possibility exists that the two lines are
closer than most realize.

R Berkebile

Hi Ray,

Are you familiar with the book "Berkebile Family Descendancy" by Ray &
Lolalee Wagner? I have the author's e-mail addy, if you'd like to contact
him. I have the book & "The Berkey Book" both of which contain errors, but
are a good starting point I have found. Do have the latter book? I can
cross check the index of the Berkey Book to look for other Berkebile/Berkey
(et al spellings), if you'd like. I have also wondered about the possible
connection of these two family names & their various spellings.

According to the Berkebile book I mentioned, your Wilhelm Berkebile was
apparently known as "William the Quaker". He appears on page 114 of the
book & is unattached to the other lines... I am sure Ray Wagner, the author
would love to hear from you.


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