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Variations of Birkenbuel


Variants: Berkebile/Berkeypile/Berkenbile/Birkenbeuhl/

The name appears to come in from Germany,, possibly Bavaria where a village exists of the name Birkenbuhl: 150m südlich(southwards) vom Förmitzsee, 19 km südlich von Hof/Saale im Fichtelgebirge in Bayern (Bavaria)

A Christian Birkenbein (Philadephia, Pa. in 1752 on the ship "Two Brothers".) and a Gerhart Birkenbeyl that are progenitors of most US families. They arrived in Pennsylvania between 1727 and 1775.
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Was sent a messae pertaining to my posting here. So will do.

What I have received came from Martha Ann Chandler of Middletown, Ind. I am only going to post bits and pieces. If you would like more information contact me. Some of the spelling for the name of Berkeypile are the following plus more; Berganboyle, Berkebile, Berkenbine, Birkenbeil, Percupile, Perkenpine, Purkeypile, Berkeyfile and on it goes.

Our famly line has a story (many versions, naturally; their were four brothers that left Germany because of Religious presures. They fled down the Rhine River via Switzerland to Amsterdam where they boarded a ship for America and religious freedom. Now, when the ship stopped in Enland, (don't know why) the British authorities boarded the ship, arrested the brothers and threw them in prison because of their faith. Slowly, one by one they got out of prison and finaly made there way to America.

Since there is more than 25 splellings that I know about, their could be more.

One of the brothers (my direct line) was Andru, also written Entrance, possibly a misinterpretation of Andreas, the other three are thought to be Jacob, Christian and Johan Gerhart.

Johan Gerhart BIRKENBEYLE arrived in Philadephia, Pa., in 1750 aboard the ship "Anderson". A Christian BIRKENBEYL arrived in Philadephia, Pa. in 1752 on the ship "Two Brothers". So far we have not found information on Jacob.

We have not been able to find the information pertaining to when, where , which ship that Andru came to America but we have found where he was naturalized in Baltimore, My. on 6th of Sept. 1769 and their are land records from 1765.

In church records of Carroll Co., Md., we find a daughter of Christian Berkbeil and Catharina was christened, 25 Dec. 1775, in the Manchester Reformed Luthern Church.

A son of Cristian was John BORCHEBEIL was christened, 25 July 1777 in the Manchester Reformed Luthern Church.

Maria Catherine daughter of Christian BERCHEBEIL and Catharina was christened on the 10th of July 1799 in the Manchester Reformed Luthern Church.

Then also in the Manchester Reformed Luthern Church there was a Sarah Ann, daughter of Peter BURKENBILE and Frances who was christened on the 23rd of Sept 1827.

Now then the land records in the Baltimore Co. of My., on the 10th of June 1765 between Benjamin Cross who was the son of William and Andrew BERGEBILE for 100 f, Cross sold land called Crossess Meadow and Branch called George Cabin Branch, which descends into great Fall of Gunpower River, which contained 70 A.

Then on 13 May 1771 between John Dulley Jr. of Baltimore and William BERGBILE for 65 f, Dulley sold two tracts of land, one called Crosses Grudge which contained 34 A., and the other called West Lathain which contained 18 A. on the western prong of Gunpower Falls.

Again in 1775, Christian BERGEBILE sold to William BERGEBILE, Crosses Meadow containing 70 A. and Stoney Spring which contained 20 A. (Now this would have been after Christian received this land according to his father's Will).

In 1776 William BERGEBILE leases to Christophier Fair Crossed Grudge which contain 32 A., West Lathain which contain 18A. (The wife of William was Elizabeth).

There are more land records in the area. I also have a copy of Andrew PERKEPEAL Will in Balitmore Co., Md. This would be the Will of Andrew Berkeybile Sr. (or any other various spelling that we have seen. abc)

In other early records the name of Andrew Sr. is spelled BIRKENBILE.

I do have more records and will gladly share what I do have. but will continue just a little so that others might be able to tie into this family line.

Andrew Jr. married Anna Catherine Shaffer. Anna died in 1820 and Andrew then married a lady by the name of Barbara. Both Andrew and Anna lived, died and are buried in Shade Township, Somerset Co., Pa.

Andrew also lived in York Co., Pa. where his children George, Moses, Jesse (Jacob), Andrew and SAmuel were Baptized at the Sadler's Church in York Co., Pa.

On the 27th of April 1787, Benjamin Franklin witness the buying of land on the part of Andrew BERCHEBAIL in the county of York, Pa. Andrew's land was in the Hopewell Township and it appears that he lived there until March of 1786.

I will quit now but if anyone wants more data or would like to share back and forth, contact me.

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  1. I would be very interested in any info you have on Andru Sr.. My husband is a direct decendent.