Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hannah Canady/Kennedy

This looks like a line... but just in case I need it for future reference:


I am helping a friend with her family line. One of her greats was:
Hannah Canady b. 1797 Virginia died??
Joseph King
Her name that she was known of in the family was ether ( I cant remember which)
Boshe WomaWalk, or Osha MalMa Ark , or Osha WalMa Noche
They didnt know her name was "Hannah".

Ok, in my husbands line (and I know I talked to someone on here awhile back about the Canady line being a tribe in the south- sorry I can not remember who)

My husbands line has Mary Jane Canady b. 1800 ??Dont know where
married to
Hampton Sailes b. 1797

Their first child was born in Meigs Tennessee.

So, anyone with Canady in the line, please let me know if you have them in your family.
Also, what does the names mean in Native American? Anyone know?

Thanks :-)


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