Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ingram's Wagon Train

There were either two Ingram Wagontrains to OR or you are mistaken about it leaving from anywhere in the Carolinas. Minerva Ingram died in OR and was the widow of James Ingram. Her maiden name was apparently also Ingram.
Minerva nee Ingram was probably born in Wilson Co TN and her parents were from NC, probably Johnston Co NC. Minerva was a member of the Little Cedar Creek Baptist Church in Wilson Co TN. It is possible that she descends from John Lee Esq and Shadrack Ingram, his grandson. Shadrak's parents would have been Barnabas Ingram and his first wife, an unamed daughter of John Lee, Esq, who all lived in Johnston Co NC and left many records there.

All of this is unproven so far as I know but energetically and thoroughly researched in the 1970's by a descendent who left records of her research in the Ingram Vertical file in Johnston Co NC's History Room and Genealogical Library.

Minerva Ingram moved from TN to what is now Springdale AR (Washington Co AR). She married James Ingram in AR and they were members of the Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church.

Minerva and James Ingram migrated by Wagontrain (known as the Ingram Wagontrain) to OR. Minerva left either a written or an oral record of the trip. They left Washington Co AR in April 1852 and arrived in Organ Valley OR Dec 1, 1852, or maybe the Willamette Valley. Apparently Minerva's parents were also on the Wagontrain. They were in their 60's.

I am pretty sure that that branch of the Ingrams have family reunions in OR. Some of them were living in Veneta and in Harrisburg OR in 1980. If you want more information E-mail me at

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