Friday, April 9, 2010

Johannes Holzklau

Notes for Johannes Holtzclau:
JOHANN OR JOHANNES HOLTZKLAU (he is called by both names in the records), son of Wilhelm Holtzklau, was born around 1609/10 and married around 1629/30, Hebel, probably a daughter of Henrich Flender Muess of Schneppenkauten (one of seven ironworks mentioned above). The couple had 16 children, born from 1631 to 1657. When his first son was christened in 1631, Johannes Holtzklau was teacher at Weidenau, and he probably continued to hold this position at least through the year 1635, while the Protestants dominated the country. In 1632 he seems to have owned a small part of the Schneppenkauten Hammer in the Weidenau township, but sold whatever interest he had in it by 1653, the year of the next extant list of owners. However, his family was closely connected with the iron industry in Weidenau, and four of his sons were admitted to the Guild of Smelterers and Hammersmiths. At the christening of his son Johann in 1640, record of which is in Latin, Johannes Holtzklau is called "Vespillo", which in old German-Latin means a letter carrier. Apparently at this time he was connected with the postal service. In 1647 Johannes Holtzklau was the only Holtzklau living at Weidenau. He probably died sometime in 1664. Hebel, his wife, in not mentioned after 1657, when her last child was christened.

The eleventh of Johannes and Hebel Holtzklau's children was Han Henrich, our direct ancestor, who was christened on Oculi Sunday (March) 1647; his godfather was Hannes________ from Tieffenbach (an ironworks in the parish of Netphen.


From Weidenau, Germany.

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