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John H Slover

Taken prisoner by Indians, along with sisters and mother, in 1764. He was held by the Miami Indians for 6 years, then was sold to the Delawares before being returned to Ft. Pitt in 1773. His Indian name was "Mannucothe".

Abraham's story of brother John's experience during the Indian massacre of 1764:
"The circumstances that took place previous to his being taken a prisoner by the Indians the first time, when he was only eight years old, as related by his older brother Abraham. My father's residence was on New River, Va.; the Indians came to my father's house, he being absent; we were a short distance from the house; on discovering the Indians there, the smallest children all ran into the house; while I turned my course through a meadow to a thick place in the woods; when I came near the woods I turned my eyes and saw two Indians pursuing me. I escaped and returned to the house. They took my mother, brother and sisters prisoners, plundered the house and took all they could carry; then they took up the line of march. But they had not gone far before my father came home and seeing the devastation about the house, his family all gone, being well-assured it was the work of the savages it was too much for human nature to bear. He hallooed; the Indians hearing him all stopped; two warriors went back with their guns, an in a short time, my mother heard the report of a gun; in a few minutes they returned with th e horse and saddle my father was riding; my mother knew her husband was killed. They then went on their journey towards the Indian towns, having nothing to eat but wild meats; through the fatigue of the journey, the two youngest children died in the wilderness. Our mother was exchanged after a number of years and returned and lived with her children; she died shortly afterwards." page 34

It is thought that John and Nelly became members of the South Union Shaker Community at Red Banks (Hendrson, Kentucky). In fact, the Shaker record shows him dying on 3 May 1813 and being buried the next day. page 162
Military: 1 2 1
Served in the Revolutionary War as a private in Captain Wililam Butler and Captain James Chrystie's companies, 2nd Pennsylvania Battalion, also designated the 3rd Pennsylvania Rgt, commanded by Cols. Arthur St. Clair and Joseph Wood. He enlisted 8 Feb 1776 and was last seen on the muster roll for the period Jan 1-Mar 31, 1777. page 160

After the War, he served as a scout with Captain Crawford's ill-fated Sandusky Expedition. He was again captured by the Indians, tortured, and sentenced to die. The night befre his execution, he escaped, rode a horse to death in an effort to reach friendly ground, continued on foot to Wheeling where he had to coax a boatman to take him across the river. page 161, ,
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