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Mary Pink and Hollands...

Notes for Mary PINKE
2While Gabriel was away in England, his wife, Mary Holland, purchased land adjoining 100 acres which she had received from her deceased husband, William Jonas. Cavaliers and Pioneers, p. 3, Part I, by Nugent:

"Mary Holland, 12 acres, Aug. 14, 1624, page 11. Wife of Gabriel Holland of the Island of James City, yeoman, lately in the occupation of William Pink, alias William Jonas (deceased), her former husband, who, at his death gave her his devident of 100 acres of which said 12 acres is a part adjoining Nathaniel Hutt and Thomas Passmore. Fee Rent: 3 pence. Measured by William Claybourne."
"John Southerne, Gent. of James City, 24 acres in the Island of James City, 1 Nov. 1627, p. 55. 12 acres thereof being a neck bounded on the E. with a marsh parting this from land of John Johnson, W. on a marsh called Tuckers Hole, N. on the back river and S. on the highway leading to black point; 12 acres lying neare adj. to the former, S. on land of Mary Holland, the wife of Gabriel Holland, N. on land of John Johnson, E. on a marsh and W. comeing neare unto land of Thomas Passmore; to be accounted parte of his first devdt. of 50 acres due for trans. of William Soane who came in the George in 1621."
Notes for Francis Gabriel (Spouse 1)
Gabriel Holland, the son of John Holland(1556-1628) of London, England and his wife, Mary Mollenax of Wigan, Lancashire, England, was chr. 2 15 1596 at Westminster, St. Martin-in-the-Fields, London.Our first ancestor to emigrate to America on the ship 'Supply' in 1620 to Jamestown, Virginia. One account relates that he was married to Rebecca, daughter of John George, who was a Lt. Colonel in the Isle of Wight Co., Virginia. However, the LWT of Colonrl zjohn George dated 1678 in Isle of Wight Co. names daughter, Rebecca, who was the relict of Phill. Pardoe, decd. This colonel John George would have been the age to be a brother of Rebecca, not a father. The above colonel John George was from Bristol. In Bristol are the folloeing LWT: Julian George dated 1616, Robert George dated 1628, Edward George dated 1633, Richard George dated 1645, and Elenor George dated 1665. I have not located these documents, as yet, to determine if a Rebecca Holland is named.

It is claimed that George Holland who was found later in Accomack Co., Virginia, was Gabriels son by rebecca george.

Secondly, Gabriel was married

Fact 1: September 18, 1620, Sailed for America on ship "Supply"
Fact 2: February 08, 1621, Arrived at Berkeley Virginia
Fact 3: 1623-1624, Living in Virginia
Fact 4: 1623-1624, Was a "Burgess" in the House of Burgesses
Fact 5: 1625, Carried a petition to King Charles 1 of England
Fact 6: 1626, Returned from England on the "John and Francis"
Fact 7: 1629, Gabriel returned to England. King agreed to hear petition
Fact 8: 1635, Gabriel once again returned to America on ship "Assurance"

2Virginia Genealogical Register - Gabriel Holland was a resident of Virginia 1623-1634.

Journal of the House of Burgess - Gabriel Holland, Burgess, 1623-1624. In 1624 he was seated at Shirley Hundred.

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