Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mathew Arundale Howard

Matthew Howard, was the son of Margaret Howard and Sir Thomas Arundel who
married Margaret Wiloughby. They had a son by the name of Thomas, who was a
soldier of fortune in Europe.
Margaret Howard, daughter of Lord Edmund Howard and Joyce Cuplepper, married Sir
Thomas Arundel, and they became protestants in the reign of Henry VIII. In the
next reign, that of Edward VI, Arundel was accused of conspiracy and was
beheaded and his property sequestered. Matthew Arundel assumed his mother's
name of Howard,becoming Matthew Howard, as his own was temporarily under a cloud
but with Mary's accession to the Throne and Crown, the Howard prestige was
greater than ever. His great uncle, Thomas Howard, was Duke of Norfolk and
Counsellor of State to Queen Mary. The use of surnames was not yet so fixed a
habit but that a man might take one at his convenience, and the assumption of
the mother's name was a frequent occurrence.

Source: Notable Southern Families, see Howard Family,by Burke,pages 100-119

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