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More on the Slovers

This goes into detail about the indian blood in the Slover's...
Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to read the book you are talking about. I usually post on the GenForum and rarely pay much attention to references to previous publications. Living in Las Vegas, my access to books is limited - the facilities here are not very extensive, so I spend most of my research allowance (which is not very large) sending for original records. From what you have said, I would assume that the book would include my line at least as far as Margaret Slover. Whether it included the Lanningham's for a couple generations or not is another matter. From Elisha P. P. Lanningham and Margaret Slover, it would go:

William F. Lanningham m. Lucinda Mayberry, daughter
Mary Ann Lannningham m. William Francis Mays, daughter
Ora Mays son to David Carson Roberts
Kieth M. (Roberts) Wentz [my grandfather was born out of wedlock and adopted by stepfather Wentz] m. Mary Marjorie Weber, son
Don Franklin Wentz m. Rosamond Joy Smith, son
Jerry Don (Wentz) Vandiver [my parents divorced, mother remarried and I was adopted by my first step father Loy C. Vandiver, Jr.].

If I was in contact with Mrs. Hadler, I probably would have supplied information as far as Ora Mays, since anyone after that would have been living at the time. My grandfather died this past December. I have my own website, which is in it's infancy, where I outline my family history down various lines at and my Vandiver site, which is in desperate need of attention is at Personally, I do not care for book publication, since we are now capable of building free sites and sharing what we know. When researching our own families, it just seems wrong to ask for or expect money from our "cousins".

Concerning the Native American blood down the Slover line -

This is becoming a hotly debated subject, which I believe a couple of us on the GenForum board have addressed a couple times this past year. My take is fairly simple - my Great Grandmother (Ora Mays) definitely had Native American blood, who would have been Margaret Slover's Great Granddaughter. Traits even showed in my Grandfather, which causes me to believe that either those traits were very dominant, or there were additional infussions of Native American blood into my family line.

One researcher mentioned that Issac Slover is listed in a record in California as being Indian. Also, the family tradition is that "Old Man Lanningham arrived from England and came up the river where he met and married an Indian Girl." That would be Mary Slover. There are traditions that indicate that Issac's father John Slover, who was captured as a youth and lived amongst the Indians for many years, had married a Native American. The idea that his known wife Nellie was Indian does not appear to be acceptable to most, so the thought is that he may have had an Indian wife before her. Issac being his oldest known son, may have been born to that wife vice Nellie. There is a lot of speculation on the topic - you should read the more recent discussions on the GenForum that I was a part of - just search the forum for my last name.

full link here:

and some more on Isaac:
Minister to the Cherokee's
John Slover was kidnapped by the indians and lived with them for 12 years.

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