Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thomas Blankenbuehler

Thomas BLANCKENBUHLER [Parents] was born about 1660. He died in 1687/1691. Thomas married Anna Barbara SCHOENE on 2 Nov 1680 in Neuenburg, , Germany.

Here is an interesting note from:

At baptism, if two given names were given to the child, the
first given name was a spiritual, saint's name, originally
developed from Roman Catholic tradition and continued by the
Protestants in their baptismal naming customs. The second given
name was the secular or call name, which is the name the person was
known by, both within the family and to this rest of the world.
The spiritual name, usually to honor a favorite saint, was usually
repeatedly given to all the children of that family of the same
sex. Thus the boys would be Johan Adam Kerchner, Johan George
Kerchner, etc., or Philip Peter Kerchner, Philip Jacob Kerchner,
etc. Girls would be named Anna Barbara Kerchner, Anna Margaret
Kerchner, etc., or Maria Elizabeth Kerchner, Maria Catherine
Kerchner, etc. But after baptism, these people would not be
known as John, Philip, Anna, or Maria, respectively. They would
instead be known by what we would think of now as their middle
name, which was their secular name. Thus these people would be
known respectively as Adam, George, Peter, Jacob, Barbara,
Margaret, Elizabeth, and Catherine in legal and secular records.
For males, the saint's name Johan or John was particularly
heavily used by many German families. The child's secular name
was really John, if and only if, at baptism he was named only
John, usually Johannes, with no second given name. Many
researchers, new to German names, who find a baptism of an
individual with a name such as Johan Adam Kerchner, thus
mistakenly spend a lot of time looking for a John Kerchner, in
legal and census records, when he was known after baptism, to the
secular world, as Adam Kerchner. Also when reading county
histories, etc., especially those written by individuals in the
20th century, and the author is referring to someone as John
Kerchner, and you are not looking for a John Kerchner, but the
history sounds otherwise familiar, further research may turn up
that this person was really not a John Kerchner, but instead was
someone else such as a Johan George Kerchner. You would thus
find all his 18th century records recorded under the name
George Kerchner and not John Kerchner and therefore after checking
the data and correlating the facts you may find this is really a
story about your missing George Kerchner.

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