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Thomas Osbornw

Thomas OSBORN [Parents] was born 4 Apr 1594 in Ashford, Kent, England. He died 26 Nov 1677 in New Haven Co., CT. Thomas married Mary GOATLEY on 18 Nov 1621 in Ashford, Kent, England.

Thomas Osborne lived in Ashford, Co, Kent, England until 1636.About 1637 he emigrated to America with his family. He was anearly settler of New Haven, and was the Colony Tanner in 1643.He moved to East Hampton about 1649.
From Jerri McCoy - There was another Thomas Osborn, the son ofJohn and Thomasin Osborn, who was also born at Ashford in1594-5, and baptised there on 4 Apr 1594/95. It is possible, butunlikely, that he, and not the son of Jeremy, was the Americansettler. However, circumstantial evidence favors Jeremy's son.We know from Jeremy's will that his son Thomas was a tanner. Thename of Thomas's first son was Thomas, for himself, the next,Jeremy, for his father, the next, Richard, for his brother, thenext, John, perhaps for his uncle, the next Stephen, a favoritePuritan name, and Joseph, for his brother. If Thomas was,instead, the son of John, then he waited until his fourth son toname one for his father.
After 1636 Thomas Osborn's family disappears from the Ashfordrecords. Brother Richard Osborn in his 1646 will names his ownchildren and those of his other brother Joseph, but makes nomention of Thomas or his children, probably because they hadremoved to America.
Thomas and Richard Osborn arrived in Boston on 26 Jun 1637. Theyand the entire New Haven Colony stayed in Boston until thespring of 1638 when they continued on to the area where theyfounded the town of New Haven, Connecticut. The entire trip isdescribed in the book "The colony of New Haven" by Edward E.Atwater. The book describes life in England at the time, whythey wanted to come to American, the trip aboard ship, and theway the land in New Haven was divided up.
The History of New Haven County, edited by J. L. Rockey, (1892)tells that the party of fifty men and another 200 women andchildren were part of the company of the Reverend John Davenportarriving on the Hector and her consort. The company was composedof men of wealth, education and influence. Almost immediatelyupon arrival there was civil and religious conflict with thecurrent residents of Massachusetts. In the spring of 1638 thecompany moved on to settle the colony of New Haven.
The History of New Haven Colony, by Edward R. Lambert (1838)indicates that Planter Thomas Osborn was responsible for sixpersons and had an estate valued at 300 pounds. Richard Osbornwas responsible for three persons and had an estate valued at 10pounds. About 1639 he moved to New Haven, CT. He was an earlybut not original signer of the Covenant at New Haven. He was theColony tanner in 1643. He moved to East Hampton, NY by 1651. In1660 he deeded his house and tanyard in New Haven to his sonJeremiah Osborn, tanner, of New Haven. In 1677 Thomas gave hishouse and home lot in East Hampton to his son Benjamin. Heprobably lived with this son until his death. Of his children,the first six were baptised at Christ Church in Ashford Parish,Co. Kent, England, the last three in New Haven, CT. He diedafter 1677, when his will is dated, and before 1686, when hisson Thomas is called Senior. It is possible that Thomas diedduring a visit to New Haven rather than at his home in EastHampton.
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