Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jeremy Osborn

Jeremy OSBORNE [Parents] was born 4 Feb 1570 in Ashford, Kent, England. He died 8 Feb 1621 in Ashford, Kent, England. Jeremy married Joan WYBORNE on 17 Jan 1592 in Ashford, Kent, England.

In his will dated 3 Sep 1620 and proved 12 Apr 1621, JeremyOsborn, of Ashford, tanner, left 20 shillings to the poor ofAshford. To his son Joseph, he left his "Turky carpett," and tohis son Richard, his "silver cupp and two silver spoones withknobs." To his son, Thomas, he left "seaven silver spoons" andhis "Tanning vessels, etc." And he adds, "The residue of myhousehold stuff to be divided between my said sons, with provisothat Cunstance my wife have so much of my plate and householdstuff as she shall think fit for her life. Also to my wife, allthe money she had inn her keeping. The residue of my goods andchattels to my son Joseph." The executor was his son, Joseph.The overseers were John Walleis and Jeremy's uncle, Robert Hunt.
Jeremy left specified lands and tenements to his wife,Constance, for life. To his son, Joseph, he bequeathed "amessuage," and "lands and tenements sometime Robert Mellows." Toson, Thomas, he left "the tan house for five years, paying rentfor 20 shillings a year therefore to Joseph and allowing him aconvenient way to the malthouse and river." To son, Richard, heleft specified lands in the parishes of St. Dunstans(Canterbury), Eberry, Willesborough, and Ashford "late RichardHaldens."

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