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Some of this information has not been verified and we would appreciate any corrections you might be able to offer. Our research has gone into getting the line in order more than getting dates and places documented.

Using census records and information from internet genealogy forums of Winegar, Wineinger and Wininger we believe we are descended from Andrew Winegar of Saxony, Germany. Andrew Winegar married Catherine (Katrina) Dunkelburger in Saxony.
Peter Winegar, a son of Andrew and Catherine Winegar, was born Sept 15, 1782 in Scott County, Virginia and married Julia Ann Slusher of Tennessee. William Winegar, was born of this marriage in Virginia around 1812. William Winegar married Elizabeth Neil December 16, 1841 in Hawkins County, Tennessee.

William and Elizabeth Winegar, now with three children, Andrew, William Wentworth, and Julia, moved to Scotland County, Missouri sometime between 1847 and 1851. (Scotland County, MO 1860 Census)

We are from the Palatine area of Germany and migrated either through Holland, England, Ireland or Scotland to what is now the United States. We entered through New York to Pennsylvania and then to Scott County, Virginia. From Scott County, VA we moved to nearby Hawkins County, Tennessee.

Our forefather, William Winegar married Elizabeth Neal in Hawkins County and after the birth of three children, Andrew Jackson, William Wentworth and Julia, moved to Scotland County, Missouri near the town of Downing.

After the move to Missouri the Winegar name went through several different spellings, such as Winiger, Winneiger, Winnegar, and Wineinger. When we refer to family members we will attempt to use their spelling, bearing in mind that we are all members of the same family. Here is a quote from the Winegar Family Page made in a letter by Ira Winegar -

"Our name was pronounced by the old Germans as "Wennecker'" and there are now, I am credibly informed, a number of families of German descent in Pennsylvanlien who spell and pronounce their names in that way. I am strongly of the opinion that this was the original name, and in this I am sustained by intelligent Germans. But be that as it may, the name has been handed down to us in its present form and has passed through so many generations that right or wrong, we have it as it is. I see that in Doc. Hist. of New York, vol. 3, page 724 the name is spelled Winiger.

There is, however, another matter connected with it that comes down nearer to the present day. It is a well-know fact that many of our kindred at the present day, pronounce the name "Wine-gar", making but two syllables, and accenting heavily on the i. This, they allege, with considerable force, as the true pronunciation of the word, according to the rules of orthography. That in order to pronounce it as we generally do, it would be necessary to add another letter, as Win-ne-gar Therefore, they hold to pronouncing it in two syllables. For myself, I would like to see a uniformity in the matter."

The complete article from 1855 may be seen on the Winegar Family Page.

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