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Peter Winegar

Notes for Andrew WININGER, Sr.:
Page 481 Dated: Aug. 21, 1810

In the Name of God, Amen. I, Andrew WINEGAR, Sen’r of the County of Hawkins and State of Tenn., being is a languishing state of health, wish to commit
my soul to God who gave it and my body to the dust for to be buried in Christian decency at the discretion of my Executors, and for my portion of worldly
things that God in his Providence has bestowed on me, I wish to dispose of in the following manner, after paying my just debts. I leave to my well beloved
wife Catrin my dwelling house and all my household good, one gray mare and colt, two milch cows, the third of my land and all the orchard, my stock of
hogs, during her life or widowhood. My land above to my sons Andara and Fredric equally, quantity and quality considered. I leave my land on condition
that Andara pay unto Phillip and William WINEGAR $160.00 in trade equal to corn at two shillings a bushel, when convenient to Andara. And on the same
conditions, Frederic pay unto Peter, Phillip and William WINEGAR $200.00 to divide $10.00 when convenient to Fredric.

N.B. There is $20.00 of the above money in Phillip WINEGAR’s hand, and a certain black horse I leave to my wife Catrin. I appoint my sons Andara and
Frederic WINEGAR for to by my Executors to this my last Will and Testament. Signed with my hand and dated This 21 day of August, in the year of our
Lord, 1810.

Andrew x WINEGAR (seal)

(his mark)

Test: David Kinkead, (name of witness here illegible)

Johannes Winninger (in German Script)

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